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Guest Speaker at Chinese Wealth Forum

Georges Ugeux, Chairman & CEO of Galileo Global Advisors, recently attended the China Wealth Forum hosted by the  Qingdao Municipal Government and organized by CAIJING Magazine and CAIJING Think Tank.


Georges was a guest speaker on two panels. As a panelist for Financial Innovation and Risk Control, Georges stated that Chinese people have entrepreneurship in their blood and have been a leader in many key innovations. However innovation in itself is not the desired outcome, but a tool to reach other goals. Innovation should neither be used to disguise the nature of reality, nor be made so complex it is incomprehensible to the greater public. View Article


Georges also spoke on a panel concerning The Directions of Equity Investment in a Challenging Era.  Georges believes that biggest challenges facing the Chinese stock market are a lack of liquidity and corporate indebtedness.  More IPO offerings would increase the liquidity, decrease corporate leverage and decrease the systematic risks caused by corporate indebtedness. View Article


Qingdao is the only Financial Comprehensive Reform Pilot Area in China with a focus on wealth management.  As an important brand event for the wealth management pilot area, China Wealth Forum provided a high-profile, international platform for dialogue in the financial and economic fields. The Forum seeks to promote the healthy development of China’s wealth management industry and its role in supporting real economy. More than 1,000 financial experts from China, US, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, and India, senior government officials, senior executives from domestic and global financial institutions participated in the conference. Read More

2017 Will be a Challenging Year

The year began with a combination of threats to democracy. Never would I have thought that the biggest threat might actually come from the United States. The support of the Republican Party has put an unpredictable leader at the helm of the United States of America. The constant bullying of its citizens, the repudiation of the law order and attacks on foreign nations make the US appear an enemy of the world. This is not the case. I will do anything legally possible to resist this attack of the white supremacists who currently dominate the White House. Human rights include the rights of all genders, ages, races, religions and cultures.