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The Betrayal of Finance published in China by Oriental Publishing!


The Betrayal of Finance: Twelve Reforms to Restore Confidence


How could a few hundred financial executives, board members and regulators allow finance to threaten the world economy? Finance turned its back on its fundamental vocation to serve the economy. Financiers themselves managed to reap the profits of their institutions for their personal benefit. To restore confidence, the world of finance will need to reform itself and turn to the service of its customers and shareholders.







想要重新建立起人们对金融市场的信心, 金融界需要进行自我内部改革, 并且把中心回归到服务于客户和股东上。


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2017 Will be a Challenging Year

The year opened with a combination of threats on democracy. Never would I have thought that the biggest one might come from the United States. The support of the Republican Party has brought an unpredictable leader at the helm of the United States of America. The constant bullying of citizens, the repudiation of the law order and the attack on foreign countries make the US look like an enemy of the world. This is not the case. I will do anything legally possible to resist this attack from the white supremacists who dominate the White House. Human rights include the rights of women and children, all races, religion and cultures.