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The Betrayal of Finance to be published in China by Oriental Publishing!


The Betrayal of Finance: Twelve Reforms to Restore Confidence


How could a few hundred financial executives, board members and regulators allow finance to threaten the world economy? Finance turned its back on its fundamental vocation to serve the economy. Financiers themselves managed to reap the profits of their institutions for their personal benefit. To restore confidence, the world of finance will need to reform itself and turn to the service of its customers and shareholders.







想要重新建立起人们对金融市场的信心, 金融界需要进行自我内部改革, 并且把中心回归到服务于客户和股东上。



Developing a personal website has been an idea of mine for a long time.

The initial purpose was to aggregate my diverse activities and present it in one comprehensive location. I also intend to use it as a platform to promote ideas as well as other people and institutions and to serve as a resource to readers. This project was quite a journey – one that I am pleased to share with you.