During the Lehman crisis I was interviewed by France Inter, the French leading radio, which led to an invitation from French newspaper, Le Monde to start a blog. After 600 posts, 100,000 comments and 7,000,000 posts read, I have learned to communicate my thoughts in a way that is clear and accessible. My theme, “Demystifying Finance: Markets and Ethics” was bound to be controversial. It has become a forum on banks, economics, regulation and a variety of international subjects.

In 2003, my Le Monde blog was awarded the best economic blog by the French magazine, Challenges. Following this recognition, I was invited to become a blogger for Huffington Post. My objective was to present an international view about decisions made by the United States. I learned quickly that most US media do not welcome the expression of “another view.”

In 2018, I became an author for EURACTIV, a “European media platform specializing in the online publication of articles focusing on European policy making.”

The commitment required in maintaining consistent blogs is significant: selecting relevant topics, finding sources and communicating in 500 words can be a real challenge. However, one of the true rewards is creating a community of readers, including media, with which I can share insight and information on subjects that may not otherwise be addressed or accessible.