The Flying Dragon

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The Flying Dragon

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Celebrated non-fiction author Georges Ugeux delivers an intense, imaginative and intriguing financial thriller in his debut novel, The Flying Dragon.  Set against the backdrop of the high-energy, high-tension world of global finance, The Flying Dragon plunges readers deep into a world where power, greed, money, and passion can intersect in a most dangerous way.


A fresh, fast, fascinating financial thriller about power, betrayal, and murder, The Flying Dragon takes readers on a tour de force into the world of global finance. With its pulse-pounding plot, richly-developed, realistic characters and to-die-for Hong Kong setting, The Flying Dragon will leave readers breathless.


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Official Release of The Flying Dragon!

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12/22/15 – Lori’s Reading Corner is doing a giveaway for The Flying Dragon – Ends January 5!


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  • “I enjoyed this page turner, well written, with a strong and attractive female character, providing an immersion in the investment banking and Hong Kong environments.” –


  • “An exciting book where, from page 1 to the end, knowledge of financial markets and psychology are merged into a thriller. You actually wish to meet the heroine and share time with her in Hong Kong.” –


  • “…Charming mystery novel, very insightful on the nuances of Chinese banking  and very entertaining on the adventures of Victoria…I look forward to the next one!”  – Irene Finel-Honigman, Professor of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University


  • “..A riveting novel that plays out against a background that has all the earmarks of authenticity. A riveting read from first page to last…”                    – Midwest Book Review


  • “Former New York Stock Exchange executive Ugeux makes good use of his expertise in international finance in crafting this suspenseful whodunit.”         – Publishers Weekly


  • “The plot of The Flying Dragon is a strong one and dialogue carries the story along very well.” – BookLoons



  • “It is wonderfully refreshing to have a male writer creating a highly cultured and complex female character…This book is the perfect testimony of his life experience and sensibility and is the first of a long groundbreaking series!” –


  • “What a great intrigue and so interesting characters, simply devoured it!” –


  • “Victoria is almost too good to be true.” –


  • “The Flying Dragon is an easy yet captivating read…hope to see more of Victoria Leung in the books to follow!” –


  • “It also shows a deep knowledge of the banking sector as well as Hong Kong and that is exactly what makes this book so real.” – 


  • “I do hope that this is not the last we will hear of Victoria Leung and her friends. I shall eagerly await a sequel!” – 


  • “The pleasure of the reading for this book is far beyond the financial and detective story…the author’s knowledge about architecture, female fashion, global cuisine, his sensitivity to mental development, and his attentive to detail, his familiarity with Hong Kong, all makes this book such an enjoyable casual read.” –


  • “…The reader will find the bare bones of the trading room culture, including the struggles and tensions between the trading floor and the back offices…it’s an excellent story and the writer knows his subject very well.” –


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