Mentoring is assisting men and women in the finding of their voice and their path. It stems from experience, empathy and distance.

I have been the beneficiary of the advice of senior men and women throughout my life. Mentoring is a unique relationship in which experienced people give their time to other individuals who are trying to manage the professional and personal challenges as they progress in their lives. While it is not psychological help, mentoring can provide a huge support and often some much needed clarity.


We all experience various phases of transition in our lives. Mentoring is a resource to help facilitate these transitions whether it be career moves, work conflict, relationship crisis, new initiatives or moves outside of home. It is amazing just how helpful it can be to receive candid advice from someone who cares.


I have mentored friends, colleagues and even clients. Intuition, empathy, wisdom and experience are some of the key elements of a successful mentor. These characteristics, combined with the appropriate amount of support and distance, can assist significantly in sorting out short or long term professional and personal challenges. Often, it is simply a matter of having an objective perspective that can lead to major progress.


Mentoring, particularly at this stage of my life and with 45 years of professional advisory experience, feels like a natural fit and is something I am truly passionate about.