The deficit of philosophy is terrifying

While the development of philosophical sciences is increasingly complex and academic, philosophy has lost the place it had in Ancient Greece, China or the Middle Ages. Two forces have concurred to make this a challenge: globalization that has led different philosophies to meet while coming from deeply different sources and theology and religion that have replaced the intellectual backbone of values into “beliefs”. Philosophy has become arbitrary.


It is critical that philosophers communicate to people in an understandable way. Esoterism is the death of philosophy. What do words like respect, relationships, integrity, and ethics still mean. Yet, they are basic values without which a society is built on sand.


Ever, since I studied philosophy in the course of four years, I remained struck to see the replacement of ethics by regulations, respect by political correctness, relationships by social media, and integrity by corruption. We cannot ignore that we have lost our moral compass, and despite fabulous realizations, we live in societies without value.


Our individual well-being is not the alpha and the omega. As essential as it is, it does have a broader purpose. We need to reinvent it.