My inspiration for the creation of Galileo Global Advisors came primarily from watching international companies being misled by unscrupulous financial institutions, happy to use their clients’ inexperience to their own advantage.


This was particularly true in emerging markets where clients are seeking truly independent advice and expertise. We have no other business than the good of our clients. Galileo’s international network provides clients with access to decision makers around the world. not just knowing who is who, but having access to leaders who are by definition overwhelmed.


The company’s twelve-year existence has been a challenging journey. We were faced with risk of collapse during the financial crisis, but our extraordinary team survived the storm.


Trusted advisors


Throughout the years, our M&A business has widened its scope to include capital raising in private markets and placement of funds and mergers and acquisitions. Galileo operates across countries and continents, and we have become experts in understanding cross-cultural issues and mentalities. Our leadership has decades of experience in international markets around the world.


We are an independent firm whose primary focus is adding value to their clients. Our firm does not trade or invest, and therefore we do not compete with the balance sheet of our clients. It is our challenge and our integrity. Every penny is earned but our balance sheet is limited to the unamortized portion of our furniture.


Our main focus is financial services, fin-tech, hospitality and alternative energy. We also advise investors on asset allocation, and increasingly find ourselves advising non-profit organizations.

Strangely enough, we require to be paid. Those who give free advice have an hidden agenda. There is no free luncheon in business. And when we do it for free, there is a compelling reason. There is a huge gulf between greed and fair remuneration.