Work-from-home implies more than an employer’s decision

The conundrum is harnessing the power of technology while not becoming a slave to it,” David Heron, Chief Medical Officer at British Petroleum says.

“We should be helping people to take a break from their workstation rather than facilitating them spending more time on the laptop.”

The experience of working from home has brought a combination of remarkable achievements and fundamental questions. Zoom and WebEx as well as the timely arrival of Microsoft Teams provided a very efficient way to stay in touch with families, friends, colleagues, customers, and partners.

It also allowed continued conversations around the world around the clock. Had we not had that possibility, lockdowns would have been much more disruptive and difficult to impose. Read More

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Boris Johnson: The last of the Mohicans

The UK has a new Prime Minister who shares this supremacy and arrogant ideology, inheriting the difficult task of realizing (some form of) Brexit. Who is he? Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, born in New York City’s Upper East Side, is an Oxfordian aristocrat, a political journalist turned politician. A hard-core politician who pretends to represent the people against politicians. Read More


Libra: the work is just starting

The policy questions triggered by Facebook’s cryptocurrency plans

The announcement on June 18 by Facebook of what it calls “a simple global currency and financial infrastructure that empowers billions of people” was sure to receive immediate attention. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is now on a global “mission.”However, the Libra White Paper is long on Libra’s technology and short on the regulatory challenges it faces around the world. Read More


Brexit: the Chaos becomes Trans-Atlantic

How the US now augments the political troubles around Brexit

The development of the past two weeks demonstrate the immense difficulty, after three and a half years, in establishing certainty regarding Brexit: will the UK leave with no-deal, or will it eventually come to accept the already negotiated exit deal with the EU? We are a few days away from both a change of Prime Minister in the UK and the leadership of the European Council and Commission, as well as three months away from the October 31 Brexit deadline: the bomb is ticking. Read More


Do Share Buybacks Deserve More Regulatory Scrutiny?

In 2018, U.S. companies spent $1 trillion to buy back their shares, while they spent $4 trillion to do so between 2008 and 2017. This is raising strong criticism from different quarters in the political sphere. Not only do key Democrats consider it an anathema[1], but Republican Senator Marco Rubio proposed to end the preferential tax treatment of share buybacks.[2] Other Republicans, though, see it as normal.[3] Read More

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Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel Selects Georges Ugeux as Chairman of “American Friends”

The aim of this development on the North American continent is clear: to create bridges that will make it possible for young artists to grow on both sides of the Atlantic, in markets that are sometimes a bit too far apart. This process relies not only on exchanges of projects and artists, but also on exchanges of initiated audiences wishing to contribute to the success of this connection around transmission. Watch Full Interview with Georges

Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel