Brexit is becoming a reality and we need to adjust

The Nine lessons and Carols of Christmas evensong will be essential to the soothing of British souls. More than ever, in front of a Rubens Nativity, the Choir of King’s College of Cambridge will resonate around the world as a message of peace from one of the most beautiful ways to celebrate Noel or Weihnacht or la Natale or la Navidad.


As Theresa may found out when was defeated in the British Parliament, there is no blank check on Brexit. The UK Government will need to submit the final Brexit agreement to the House of Commons. Democracy is a winner, but her challenge is increasing with the strong minority she has. She will need to find ways to keep lawmakers aware of the key issues and get a green light. It is consistent with what she said she would do, but did not want to be compelled to accept.

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