Mentoring is assisting men and women in the finding of their voice and their path. It stems from experience, empathy and distance.

I was the beneficiary of the advice of senior men and women throughout my life. Mentoring is a unique relationship where experienced people give their time to men or women who try to meet the professional and personal challenges as they progress in their lives. It is not psychological help, but it provides a huge support and often some clarity to those individuals.


We all go through phases of transition in our lives. Mentoring is a tool to facilitate the transition of an important part of life: career moves, work difficulties, relationship crisis, new initiatives or moves outside of home. It is amazing how it can help to be able to share the candid and disinterested advice of a person who cares.


I have been mentoring friends, colleagues and even clients. Intuition, empathy, wisdom and experience provide mentees with support and distance that can help them sorting out short term or long term professional and personal challenges.Taking a new commitment has never been more complex and difficult. Sometimes, an outside view can be hugely helpful. It is a critical phase where an ear and a voice can help elaborating on the challenges and opportunities of life.


I have decided to professionalize this capability. At this stage of my life, it is something I really appreciate and it would be a natural development of 45 years of professional advisory experience